What Our Teachers Say!

“Nothing beats seeing the amazement and joy of a child experiencing the feeling of floating and swimming for the first time”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Children can achieve something in every lesson and as a teacher that’s extremely satisfying”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Teaching swimming to all ages is a fantastic and rewarding experience. I love to see their faces light up when they realise they can swim – it makes it all so worthwhile”

What Our Teachers Say!

“I love seeing a child progress and doing things that they initially didn’t think they were capable of. It’s really rewarding and I love being part of their experience.”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Using my knowledge as a teacher to encourage children to try even when they find things really difficult & seeing them smile when they achieve something they thought was impossible for them.”

What Our Teachers Say!

“As a teacher being a part of a child’s development and teaching a life skill that will last a life time and can save a life is amazing.”

What Our Teachers Say!

“Understanding that each child is different and being able to help each child to realise their full potential is so rewarding.”
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The location for our swimming lessons in Reading is the lovely Queen Anne’s School at Caversham, not far from the centre of Reading. Click on the red pin on the map below to see the exact location of the swimming pool.

Quuen Annes School

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Please use this form to join our waiting list for swimming lessons at Queen Anne’s pool. Once you have submitted the form we will contact you as soon as a space becomes available. Places are offered on a ‘first come, first served basis’. Please ensure you complete all fields.

As well as swimming lessons in Reading during term time, we also offer short, intensive lessons held on 5 consecutive days over a week. So, your child benefits from five daily swimming lessons gaining in confidence and ability as the week progresses. These week long courses take place in the Easter and Summer holidays.

Our swimming courses are aimed at beginners and more experienced swimmers. For non-swimmers who may be very nervous in and around the water, it is a chance for them to overcome their fears as the week progresses. Our small classes provide just the right amount of personal attention so that by the end of the week they will have overcome their anxieties and made real progress. The younger children learn to swim, the sooner their worries around water and swimming are dispelled. In a small group they are among other children of a similar level. Watching others gives them the confidence to succeed.

Aquacoach’s teachers are all fully qualified and experienced. They are used to helping young children learn to swim and they are there to reassure them every step of the way.

If your children are already able to swim, a short course helps them to refine their technique, improve their stamina and learn new strokes. It is important that your child learns the correct technique whilst young so he or she doesn’t get into bad habits which are difficult to unlearn at a later stage.

Holiday crash courses are a great fun activity for the holidays. We do our very best to accommodate siblings and friends of similar ability in the same or adjacent class times – let us know your specific requirements when you book.

Unlike many other swimming courses, our teachers are in the water with the children to help them feel safe and so they can give personal tuition. We know your children will enjoy our swimming lessons in Reading.