Children’s Swimming Lessons in Reading

at Queen Anne’s School, Caversham

Our swimming lessons at Queen Anne’s School, Caversham near Reading, are a great way for your child to start their swimming journey. With no more than 4 non swimmer/beginners to a class and the teachers with them in the water, your child receives the individual attention they need to go from a beginner to a confident swimmer.

The Queen Anne’s School swimming pool is a 25m x 9m pool. This enables us to run all ability levels in separate classes at each time slot. As a result, we are able to accommodate siblings with different swimming abilities at the same time.

The swimming lessons are run on Sundays from 8 am to 12.30 pm during term time. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes – with small classes, half an hour is plenty of time for each child to receive the right amount of personal attention and also time enough to practice their technique and build up stamina.

To book your child’s swimming lessons at Queen Anne’s School please call 07794 814620 or click here to fill in our contact form



New Swimmers:
1 child: £168
2 children: £336
3 children: £478.80
4 children: £638.40

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Term dates for September to December 2021:

Start date: Sunday 5th September 2021
Last date: Sunday 12th December 2021
Half Term: Sunday 31st October 2021