Re-enrolments for next term

for existing Aquacoach pupils

Please use this page for re-enrolments only. For new bookings, please call 07794 814620 or click here to go to our contact page

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Term dates for January to April 2020 term
Start date: Sunday 12th January 2020.
Last day of term: Sunday 5th April 2020.
Half term: No lessons 23rd February 2020.

£132.00 per child.
£264.00 for 2 children.
£376.20 for 3 children.
£501.60 for 4 children.

Term dates for September to December 2019:

Start date: Sunday 8th September 2019.
Last date: 15th December 2019.
Half Term (no lessons): Sunday 3rd November only.

Aquacoach Lessons